The four areas of our Ocean Strategy are summarized here. Our Ocean Strategy is available upon request. 

Photo: Neil K. Dawe

Building Knowledge is at the core of our mission to provide objective science for conservation. We will continue with projects on gray whale, killer whale, shorebird and sea ducks, support for iNaturalist inventory of marine parks, and providing whale identification catalogues. Building a new generation of marine ecologists is part of a long term strategy.

Supporting Habitat Conservation is an important outcome of our research that we will continue to provide through atlases, publications, measuring recovery success, and advising other organizations working to conserve natural ecosystems.

Enhancing Access to experience marine life is a means for everyone to come to appreciate and share in the benefits of the ocean. Establishing a floating marine teaching and research station in partnership with Simon Fraser University and Reed Point Marina will be one of our flagship projects over the next few years.

Enhancing Awareness is an important step for people to come to appreciate the ocean. We will continue to develop a Nature Culture ethic of sustainability, support for conferences, festivals, film productions and book publishing that fulfills this need.