Associates work on projects led by the Directors or Fellows. To apply to become an Associate is through a nomination to the Board by a current Director, Fellow or Associate.

Sean Boyd PhD

Dr. Sean Boyd is a research scientist with Environment and Climate Change Canada and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University. He studies Arctic geese and sea ducks with special emphasis on winter ecology and migration ecology.

Andrew Couturier

Andrew Couturier is a Senior Analyst with Bird Studies Canada, where he has worked for more than twenty years on numerous national and international conservation initiatives.  In particular, he is widely regarded for his leadership in Bird Atlas projects across Canada and the Salish Sea Atlas.

Gillian Darling Kovanic

Gillian Darling is an award-winning television documentary director and producer. She has produced films on health, education, agriculture and economic development, and worked for National Film Board of Canada.

Kate Keogh

Kate Keogh has been with the foundation since its inception and is a specialist in science and environmental education. She brings an understanding of classroom curriculum and practical ways that information from researchers can be incorporated into curriculum and made relevant to school age children. Kate served as a Director for 8 years.

Mike McKinlay

Mike McKinlay is the owner of Mike McKinlay Productions, a film production company in Vancouver. His awards include a Leo Award and Wildspace Festival Most Impactful Small Budget Film.

Holly Middleton PhD

Holly Middleton is the owner of Middleton Ecological Services, an environmental consulting company in Vancouver. She holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in biology and brings many years of experience with environmental assessment, endangered species and field work on a variety of birds in western Canada.

Dan Straker

Dan Straker is an ecologist enrolled in the Masters in Resource and Environmental Management at Simon University. He assists with public program coordination.

Douglas Swanston

Doug Swanston is a marine biologist who has recovered and relocated threatened and endangered animals under scrutiny of Species at Risk legislation. He also shares his passion with students and groups exploring the seashore.

Wendy Szaniszlo

Wendy Szaniszlo is a marine mammalogist who has worked on sea lion, gray whale and humpback whale research projects in collaboration with government, academic and not-for-profit organizations. She holds two degrees from the University of Victoria. Wendy has worked on species-at-risk and as a marine naturalist with Parks Canada, BC Parks, and local eco-tour companies.