Hecate Strait


A band of water, roughly over the Moresby Trough, extending from the southern end of Moresby Island across Hecate Strait, and into Camano Sound and Douglas Channel.

ICA Criteria

#1) Endangered, threatened or vulnerable species
#2) Feeding concentration
#4) Migration corridor
#5) Species diversity


This area is consistently used by concentrations of humpback whales, especially along the southeastern Moresby Island coast including Juan Peres Sound, and at the mainland coast inlets such as Douglas Channel.

In recent years fin whales have also been documented throughout in this area, with regular occurrence in Camano Sound. Fin whales are considered rare in BC, recovering from whaling in 1900s.

The Camano Sound region is an important feeding area for Northern Resident killer whales.

Hecate Strait in general is part of the gray whale migration corridor with, at times, thousands of gray whales transiting the area.

This area is close to Rose Harbor, at southern end of Moresby Island, a base of whaling operations from 1910-1943.


Key Species

Canada (SARA) USA (ESA)
Northern Resident killer whales Threatened N/A
Fin whales Threatened Endangered
Gray whales Special Concern None


James Pilkington

James Pilkington

James Pilkington



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British Columbia Marine Conservation Analysis

Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area Atlas